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2024 IAPC Results

*The certificate and judges' comments will be sent via email by June 17th.

Young Artists - Solo

Group Y1: No Prize Winners


Group Y2

1st Prize: Elsa Vasey (USA) 

2nd Prize: Vismayee Nail (USA)

3rd Prize: Skyler Moon (USA)


Group Y3 

1st Prize: Jeremy Lee (USA)
2nd Prize: Gianna Lee (USA)
3rd Prize: Ashley Jung (USA)

Group Y4

1st Prize: Angelina Mitrianu (Ukraine)

2nd Prize: No Winner

3rd Prize: Noah Zhang (USA)

Professional Artists - Solo

Group P1: No Prize Winners

Group P2: No Prize Winners

Group P3

1st Prize: Wanqi Huang (Hong Kong)

2nd Prize: Carissa Hahn (USA)

3rd Prize: No Winner 

Group P4

1st Prize: No Winner

2nd Prize: Jamie Park (Korea)

3rd Prize: Clara Gritsch (Austria)

Piano Ensemble

Group E1-1: No Prize Winners

Group E1-2: No Prize Winners

Group E1-3: Carissa Hahn and Jamie Park

2024 IAPC Winners


Young Artists - Solo

Group Y1: $40

Group Y2: $50

Group Y3: $60

Group Y4: $70

Professional Artists - Solo

Group P1: $50

Group P2: $60

Group P3: $70

Group P4: $90

Piano Ensemble

Group E1-1: $30

Group E1-2: $40

Group E1-3: $50


Group E2-1: $30

Group E2-2: $40

Group E2-3: $50

each student

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