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Video Submission

Deadline of Video Submission

  • May 10th, 2024

Video Submission Guideline:

  • Each single piece played by candidates must be recorded in one take without edit.

  • Include your name, tile, composer's name and category in the tile of video. Example: " John Browny" L.V Beethoven Sonata op.2 1st mov. Group 4

  • If candidates play a complete work consisting of multiple movements such as piano sonatas and suites, each movement can be recorded separately.

  • The video should show whole body of candidates and keyboards in one angle.

  • The video must be uploaded on candidates' YouTube account and candidates should share the YouTube URL(s) of the video to International Altone Piano Competition.

  • All Recording will not be shared with anybody. However, the winners of Altone competition will be posted on Official Youtube channel and this website.

  • Candidates will not be judged on the quality of their recording equipment or instrument. Electronic keyboard recording will be accepted.

Thanks for submitting!

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